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About a week ago I got a PM from a fellow up-and-comer on YouTube called CircusofBedlam who wanted to know if I’d take part in a collaboration with him.   I would script and provide the vocals for the video while he produced the music and accompanying visuals.  I decided to do something along the lines of one of my favourite videos, Letter From God To Man, but in my case it’s a letter from me to the Pope.  So, for those of you who took the time to follow the links and subscribe to me here, here is a sneak peak at the transcript.


Dear Benny,

hi, how are ya?

Love the hat by the way.

You may not have noticed but I’ve been absent for awhile.
I wanted to tell you why and how I’ve been finding my own style,
a new way of looking at the world beyond the errors of the past.
You see I’ve read all of your teachings and can’t see how they’ll last.
Where angels feared to tread has now become the beaten track
but for every step that we took forward, the church took two steps back.

It took you four hundred years just to pardon Galileo,
while the murderer of Hypatia still enjoys his saintly halo.
It was these hypocrisies of the church, that drove me from the flock
though I still clung to the ideas and kept some belief in stock;
that Jesus really loved me and god was close at hand
and the day was fast approaching when we’d find the promised land.

When people could stand together and colour wouldn’t mean a thing,
but I slowly began to realise, thats not the message that God brings.
He constantly plays favourites, setting nations against each other,
tearing apart families, pitting brother against brother.
The jew and the gentile, the muslim and the infidel,
the terrorist gaining heaven while their victims go to hell.

This god isn’t worth my worship or the thanks that he demands
and things have gotten so much better now the powers in our own hands.
Life expectancy has tripled, smallpox has been made extinct,
our eyes pierced the veil of heaven and what was hazy is now distinct.
A cacophany of symphonies all composed in mathematics,
a ballet of matter and energy performing cosmic acrobatics.

Why didn’t your book tell me I was born of a supernova?
Instead demanding belief in what an ancient madman told ya.
Houses can’t catch leprosy, epilepsy’s not possesion
and when it comes to sex what the fucks with your obsession
with what grown men and women do in the privacy of their own home?
Why do you care where they put it? You’ve got problems of your own!

You let suffer the little children while the paedophiles protected,
the people wanted a shepard but its a wolf that was elected.
You spread disease and misery with every denial of tested science,
so people remain upon their knees out of terror and compliance.
So please excuse my harshness after breaking religion’s spell,
and if by chance your god is real, I’ll save you a seat in hell.




It’s Done!!!  Here’s the finished product.



Written by NotInMyName2050

April 21, 2011 at 9:28 pm

2 Responses

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  1. I eagerly look forward to this presentation.


    April 21, 2011 at 10:03 pm

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